Original Art Deco Party Set

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Available as either: One complete set of five - or - One separate pair and one seperate trio (depending on which is bought first). 

This is a rare series of original Art Deco caricature prints (formally 1930s playing cards), depicting five characters in party or hospitality attire - with names such as Étienne, Hélène and François. This unique and fun series would be wonderful hung above a sideboard, drinks trolly, mantle-piece, headboard or in a downstairs loo. 

Framed in hand-stained oak mouldings with loose, freeform hand-painted decorative corners to convey a sense of playfulness and spontaneity. The main mounts are a vintage cream alongside smart bottle green accent borders.

The complete set of five could be hung in a straight line, or a '3 bottom row and 2 top row' formation. 

Artwork Features

  • Ready to deliver (UK only). 
  • Original Art Deco prints from the 1930s.
  • External frame size: 24.5 x 30.5cm each. 
  • Hand-framed (hand stained and hand decorated oak frames).
  • Ready to hang.
  • Conservation, acid-free mounting board - to provide protection to your artwork.
  • Glazed with premium anti-reflective Artglass that's used by the finest galleries and museums around the world.