Coral Colours: Spanish Orange Lithograph

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Towards the end of the 19th century the citrus trade was booming. As a means to stand out from the crowd, talented artists were hired in the early 1900s to create eye catching and colourful advertorials which were attached to the fruit's wooden shipping crates.

These decorative illustrations would pay tribute to the fruit's Spanish origin and brand ethos. The aim was to be bold and bright, but also romantic and nostalgic. An extremely inspiring era for commercial food advertising and a special snapshot of history to hang on your wall. 

These lithographs are vintage originals in good condition, with small signs of wear in keeping with their age. They are hand framed in linen accent mounts and glazed with protective Artglass. Each frame (bar one) is the same size on the wall, so prints could easily be hung as pairs or wider sets. 

For UK delivery only. 

Artwork Features

    • Original lithograph from c. 1930s. 
    • External frame size: 33x40.5cm.
    • Hand-framed in linen burnt orange accent mounts.
    • Conservation, acid-free mounting board - to provide protection to your artwork.
    • Glazed with premium anti-reflective Artglass that's used by the finest galleries and museums around the world.