Ancient Greek Jewellery Engravings

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A special series of antique original engravings depicting Hellenistic jewellery, published in the 1830s.

Three original lithographs are available, displaying a range of pieces including necklaces, rings, earrings and pins with features of shells, serpents, Erotes, acorns, rams and human form. Greeks believed that jewellery could ward off evil and many wore jewellery as a measure of protection - symbolising their respect for the Gods and also their own wealth or power. Pieces were also thought to travel to the afterlife with the owner. 

This trio has been hand framed in decorative black gilt mouldings and glazed with Artglass. 

    Artwork Features

    • Original antique lithograph from the 1830s.
    • External frame size: 31 x 24cm.
    • Hand-framed.
    • Ready to hang.
    • Conservation, acid-free barrier board - to provide protection to your artwork.
    • Glazed with premium anti-reflective Artglass that's used by the finest galleries and museums around the world.