Lonika Chande X Petri Prints - The Indian Horse

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A collaboration with award-winning Interior Designer Lonika Chande, who is best known for her curation of unique, characterful spaces - with bold colours and warm layered textures.  

The Indian Horse is directly based on a vintage original Indian miniature painting from the earlier 1900s. This artwork is not only a nod to Lonika's Indian heritage, but also her love for sourcing prints for children's bedrooms and admiration for Indian design. Indian miniatures have captivated audiences around the world for centuries with their ink sketched outlines, bright pigments and depiction of historical life in India.

Hand framed in a striking cobalt blue moulding with worn natural-wood lines, and the special addition of a linen slip for texture and depth (a second frame made bespoke to sit within the main frame). This layering helps anchors the eye, drawing it into the artwork - and gives the frame a lovely weighty feel. 

Hang this piece within little unexpected gaps or close to a piece of furniture (for a feeling of abundance rather than looking lost and floating!). 

All our reproduction collections are limited in number, glazed with Artglass and originate from antiques specially sourced by Petri Prints.

Frame Features

  • Reprint (directly based on a vintage original painting).
  • Hand framed in England with a linen slip. The slip has been positioned under the glass to keep the glaze from sitting on the print (preserving the artwork and keep the slip dust free).
  • External frame size: 29.3 x 29.3cm (approx) 
  • Printed on specialist 290 gsm fine art paper Hahnemühle Hemp. Hemp was an essential part of paper production for centuries and was used in the making of many long-lasting historical documents. 
  • Glazed with specialist Artglass for UV protection and clearer viewing. Used by the finest galleries and museums around the world.
  • Conservation acid-free barrier board to provide protection to your artwork.