The Coffee Tree


A beautiful black and white coffee tree illustration with botanical annotations of the coffee bean and whole fruit, based directly on an engraving we sourced from the 1700s. 

The coffee bean is actually a seed found in the centre of the coffee tree's fruit called the coffee cherry. The additional diagrams below the tree depict both the fruit and bean in their post harvest forms: the whole coffee cherry (on the right), the fruit sliced in half (middle) and finally - the dried coffee bean (on the left). 

Hand framed in a textured, soft-mustard mount and brown beaded moulding. Perfect for coffee connoisseurs and kitchen walls. 

All our reproduction collections are limited in number, glazed with Artglass and originate from antiques specially sourced by Petri Prints.

Frame Features

  • Hand framed in England.
  • External frame size: 29.5 x 34.4cm.
  • Printed on specialist 290 gsm fine art paper Hahnemühle Hemp. Hemp was an essential part of paper production for centuries and was used in the making of many long-lasting historical documents. 
  • Glazed with specialist Artglass for UV protection and clearer viewing. Used by the finest galleries and museums around the world.
  • Conservation acid-free barrier board to provide protection to your artwork.