The Pasta Eaters (19th century Italian watercolour)

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An original watercolour from the 1800s, depicting three Italian men in striped trousers eating spaghetti - a popular Neapolitan subject for artists. Hand framed in a linen and mustard yellow accent mount with a wonderful weighty brown/gold bobbin frame. 

During the 1600-1800s, the name macaroni was used for all types of pasta and sold as a street food. Macaroni was eaten with one's bare hands, in fistfuls (!) - and the 'macaroni-eaters' were illustrated in paintings, perfectly capturing the Neapolitan way.

For other food-related antique pieces, we have a trio of 18th century truffle, morel mushroom and onion engravings in marbled mounts here.

For UK delivery only. 

Artwork Features

    • Original antique watercolour by an unknown artist from the 1800s, sourced from Italy. 
    • External frame size: 28 x 32.5cm (6cm depth).
    • Hand-framed.
    • Ready to hang.
    • Conservation, acid-free mounting board - to provide protection to your artwork.
    • Glazed with premium anti-reflective Artglass that's used by the finest galleries and museums around the world.