Whether you have a blank spot in your home or are looking for a unique gift, we offer a full sourcing and framing service to curate the perfect prints for your project. 

Reprints and antique originals 

Our bespoke commissions focus on either reprints or antiques. We have a selection of reprints available in our own collection which can be framed bespoke at a variety of sizes. We can also source antique originals from worldwide dealers - a useful option if we are looking for something particularly specific or valuable. When the time comes to framing your artwork, we have a wide variety of mount colours, mouldings and techniques we can offer - and love nothing more than getting really creative. Please note we don't currently offer stand-alone framing, rather a full sourcing and framing service.

Starting costs

Bespoke reprints start from £150 per framed print, while antique originals start from £230. Factors such as the size, rarity, quantity of prints and hand-painting can alter these costs.

Larger Projects and Interior Designers

Larger print sets and projects can be quoted for on an individual basis. We have worked with interior designers on various projects - and can consult on filling walls with special works of art. 

Want to discuss a commission? 

If you'd like to chat about an idea - or would like some inspiration for your walls, please get in touch with Rosie and Ant via Instagram messenger or e-mail hello@petriprints.com. Below is a small selection of previous commissions to give you an idea of what we can do. 

18th century lemon engraving, in a hand painted colour-block frame and mount. 

17th Century map of Rome, float-mounted in a hand painted box frame.

A bespoke reprint set of French caricatures in pink and green accent mounts. 

A trio of antique original tree engravings in extended bottom mounts and teak frames. 

An antique lithograph in a hand painted dusky blue Greek key frame. 

An antique set of medicinal plant lithographs in red frames. 

A vintage poem in a blue double accent mount and gold/red frame. 

An antique original map of the Suffolk coast in a slate blue hand-painted colour block frame.

An antique original set of coloured animal lithographs, in antique white double accent mounts. 

An antique engraving in an oat linen and burnt orange accent mount and blue frame.  

A hand painted pale blue colour block frame (matched to its mount). 

A series of antique bird lithographs in double accent mounts and gold bamboo frames. 

A hand painted pistachio green colour block frame, matched to its mount. 

An antique original map of Suffolk in a dusky blue hand painted colour block frame, matched to its mount.

A pair of 18th century shell engravings in an extended bottom mount and teak frame. 

A map of Lazio in a linen and toffee mount, set in a textured blue frame.

A small engraving of a church door, set within an extended bottom mount and hand painted reeded frame.