The Architectural Doorways


A unique reprint set based on the classical orders of architecture. Depicting six doorways with the five main historical styles: Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan and Composite (along with Rustic- a similar style to Tuscan). Directly based on a series of 18th century architectural engravings. 

The set has been kept characterfully small with rich and abundant colours and layering. Each reprint is surrounded by an ink-printed marbled pattern - based on what was originally Rosie's Grandmother's 19th century antique paper.

Next are two mount layers: A thin cobalt blue border with a black inner core and a speckled-grey main mount (emulating hand made paper).

The green frames have a hand painted bobbin profile with gold leaf inner border. The green closely matches Little Greene's 'Garden 86' paint. 

Available as a full set of 6. The beauty of sets is that they can be arranged as tight (or loose) as you like. But to give you an idea of the space - The full set arranged 3x3, with small gaps between each frame might take up about 66x48cm on the wall. The set could also be hung in a vertical or horizontal line. 

    All our reprint collections are limited in number and originate directly from antiques personally sourced by Petri Prints.

    Frame Features

    • Reprints, hand framed in England using conservation materials. 
    • External frame size: approx 21x23cm. 
    • Printed on specialist 290 gsm fine art paper Hahnemühle Hemp. Hemp was an essential part of paper production for centuries and was used in the making of many long-lasting historical documents. 
    • Glazed with specialist Artglass for UV protection and clearer viewing, used by the finest galleries and museums around the world.
    • Conservation acid-free barrier board to provide protection to your artwork.